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GOES Electron Flux

Provides data observed by satellites.

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  • The electron flux observed in the vicinity of a geostationary orbit presents a pattern of sudden decrease and increase in the flux, which occurs when the geomagnetic field is restored after being disturbed by solar activity. At the point in time when the field is being restored, the electron flux increases more than its average and forms electrons with energy greater than or equal to 1MeV. As these particles cause serious damage to satellites, they are called “Killer Electrons” and have drawn widespread attention. Accordingly, the observed data on these particles provided by the GOES satellite have been utilized for prediction and alert systems, and also for further research into lowering the damage caused to satellites.
  • GOES Electron Flux (5 minute)

[Minor] Protons more than 10 pfu/ more than 10 Mev [Pfu] Proton flux unit