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Message from the Director of KSWC

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Welcome to Korean Space Weather Center.

The Korean Space Weather Center (KSWC) of the National Radio Research Agency (RRA) is a national institute which is the official source for space weather alerts and warnings for Korea and also a Regional Warning Center of the International Space Environment Service (ISES).

Space weather can affect space- and ground- based technological systems and cause harm to critical national infrastructures of aviations and electric power distributions and as well as radio communication and broadcasting services.

With the increasing importance of the space weather and to minimize the socio-economic damage from it, RRA established KSWC in Jeju Island in 2011. KSWC monitors the solar activity, predicts the impacts and delivers the information of forecasting and alert to many customers of broadcastings, telecommunications, satellite operations and other related agencies and industries.

KSWC developes prediction models and reinforce the capacity of space weather forecasting services those are essential to safeguarding critical national infrastructures. For the goal, KSWC will try to keep strengthening the partnership with international organizations and foreign agencies.