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Information and locations on space weather observation systems operated by Korean Space Weather Center

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Space weather data are collected in real-time via observation instruments installed in Icheon, Gangneung and Jeju stations. The collected data are stored in DB at Jeju station. Three different kinds of newly installed instruments such as the ACE Satellite Tracker, Solar Noise Monitor, and Interplanetary Scintillation, enable the collection of a wide array of information.

시스템위치 지도 태양전파관측기 TECs 관측기 태양 2.8GHz 관측기 전리층관측기 지구자기장관측기 지구자기장관측기 TECs 관측기 지구자기장관측기 전리층관측기 태양풍 지상관측기 광대역 태양전파 노이즈 관측기 ACE 위성 수신기