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Solar 2.8GHz flux monitor

Observes solar activity by monitoring 2.8GHz solar radio wave

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    Solar radio emissions affect virtually all telecommunications devices (U/VHF) most closely related to our daily lives such as radio, television, pagers and cordless phones. The radio noise level increases depending on solar activity, and the intensity of solar radio emissions during a solar maximum period is seven times higher than during a solar minimum period. Solar radio bursts, which occur during the process of rapid change (flares) in solar activity, emit approximately 1,000 times stronger radio emissions than that of a solar minimum period.
    Solar radio bursts are caused by intense solar activity and create x-rays, shock waves, protons, and charged particles. Therefore, it is vitally important to monitor and research solar radio emissions in order to be able to analyze and forecast the causes and repercussions of change in space weather conditions.

    Sunspot activity data at 2.8GHz provide absolute solar flux that observes solar radio flux at a wavelength of 10.7cm.

    Solar 2.8GHz Flux