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Monitors changes in the geomagnetic field

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  • summary

    The korean space weather center installed continuous geomagnetic observation system at the Icheon and the Yongin (Kyunghee University) and has been operated as a pair station since August 1996 to research the near-earth space environment that affects on the communication satellite through the continuous geomagnetic field observation. In 2007, the space radio center installed equivalent system additionally at the Jeju Island to monitor the variation of the geomagnetic field by latitude within the peninsula. (At July 2010, the Yongin system has moved to Gangneung and it’s on operation)

  • Processing procedure

    The observation network system of real-time continuous geomagnetic system consist sections of sensor, data logger and power supply, and each sensor is connected to data logger with 200m main cable. Data obtained by Magnetometer are converted to binary type data, and automatically sends to Icheon station through the private access and data collecting PC by saving at the buffer memory for temporary. Also the data at buffer memory are sending to memory card every hour, and the memory card can hold the observed data for 16 days. The geomagnetic field data observed with the data synchronizes its time by PC controller or data logger from GPS clock through the RS232C. The standard time is set up with UT (Universal Time).

  • Flux gate Sensor

    Measure the three components of geomagnetic fields.To prevent temperature fluctuation, it is installed under the ground. The data resolution is 0.01nT and range of the measurements are +- 65,000 nT. Data sampling can be selected among 1,2,4,8 times/sec.

  • Proton Sensor

    Measure the total component of the geomagnetic fieldThe instruments needs to be installed at least 1m above the ground to prevent surface geomagnetic field effects.The data sampling rate is 60seconds.

  • Data Logger

    The data logger consists of magnetometer interface, Data formatter, Buffer memory, memory card drive, RS232C interface, GPS clock and display panel.

  • Power Supply Part

    Magnetometer and data logger are operated with DC 24V and not just supplied by battery charger but also can be supplied its power for 12 hours during the power suspension.