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Ace/Dscovr Satellite Tracker

Observes the real time solar wind from the ACE/DSCOVR satellite

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  • The ACE antenna is a main reflector 13M in diameter and a receiving apparatus for broadband on frequencies at S-band (2.0GHz-2.4GHz in bandwidth). Even if the frequency changes while employed by other satellites, it would still be usable since this fact is taken into consideration during its design process. It receives narrow band frequency of 484BPS in center frequency at 2278.35MHz. The received weak signals, having traveled for 1.5 million km in distance after being transmitted by the ACE antenna, are then amplified via the 13M large antenna and a 60dB Low Noise Amplifier. Afterward, they are converted into IF signals and demodulated by a demodulator. These data are sent to SWPC for data processing and used for forecasting systems in Korea.

    The below indicates geomagnetic field variations caused by solar wind and solar particles.

    ACE RTSW (Estimated) MAG and SWEPAM