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Latest Results


<Update note on version 1.12>

  1. For filament detection, the list of H-alpha observation sites was changed (Big Bear, Udaipur ==>> Big Bear, Learmonth, El Teide)
  2. Algorithms for filament detection was slightly modified to be compatible with the new data list
  3. Some minor bug issues are fixed

1. FL processing for filament detection is now fully supported

2. Download link for AIA 193 images for CH detection has been changed

3. Problem of Alpha-Delta has been fixed

4. SC output files are now produced even when there’s no sunspot at all

5. Flare probabilities shown on SC output files are now estimated based on the statistical analysis of the dependence of flaring probability on Zpc class obtained by applying ASSA algorithm to past archive of SOHO data archive (1996~2011)

6. N-S separation between sunspots are also considered in sunspot grouping

7. Problem of too many ‘C’ of Z class value has been fixed

8. Problem of multiple ROIs in disk masking has been fixed

9. Problem of showing wrong rectangular sector in ‘Show Classification Details’ interface has been fixed

10. Hole-shaped ROIs with minus area are now can be excluded

12. Many changes of internal algorithms as of September 2014 were fully applied

13. Screen size of main GUI is automatically adjusted by adopting scroll bars

14. Other minor problems are has been fixed

< Update note on version 1.07 >


  1. Pressing 'Load Data' button launches a pop-up window for choice between two options of processing ("Step By Step" or "All Steps At Once"). It should be noted that "All Steps At Once" processes all steps at once without pressing each step button, but each step button doesn't become active after finish.
  2. Two kinds of area are measured for each sunspot group. One is a sum of areas of all sunspots, the other is a sum of areas of only the sunspots with penumbra. These two kinds of areas are recorded in the resultant text file (ASSA_spot.txt).
  3. Longitudinal extent of each sunspot group is added to the contents of the resultant text file (ASSA_spot.txt).
  4. Magnetogram image of each sunspot group can also be shown on 'Show Classification Details' interface, in addition to continuum image.
  5. Numbering order of sunspot groups is reversed (W->E)
  6. Some minor bug issues are fixed. 

New version of ASSA GUI(version 1.03) is available now.

The ASSA feedback portal is open today.


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